We have created four pricing subscriptions to best suit the professionals of this world. Find the subscription that best suits you.



Perfect starting point for anyone who has just a small document to do.
  • Up to 10 pages per month
  • Listen to the Audio Scriptr Public Library of documents


$8 /month

Perfect for the working professionals who want a 25th hour added to their day. We convert your movie scripts, CEO reports, sprints articles and any pdf you want into beautiful audio files!
  • Up to 300 pages per month
  • Listen to team shared documents
  • Secure sharing of documents with your team
  • Public and private documents
  • Tech Support


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Do you have a business with more than 50 employees?  This plan has all the bells and whistles and is perfect for any business wanting to fully utilise audio content in all parts of their business.
  • Up to 1,000 pages per month
  • Access to the best voice artists
  • Secure sharing of documents with your team
  • Share Documents
  • Public and private documents
  • Organization Roles
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