Why use Audio Scriptr?

Do it from Anywhere

All you need a microphone and a computer and off you go. You can record your audio scripts from anywhere.

Enjoy the Read

You are a one-person table read.

Get Recognized

Your voice may be the key to your next big gig.


Audio Scriptr allows you to upload small samples of a script in order to promote your skills.  When you win a script, you can sit back, relax, and record the script's pitch, synopsis, treatment, feature scenes, and the whole script.

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How It Works

1. Signup

Join us as a voice-over artist.

2. Provide Samples for Scriptwriters

Record a small sample for a scriptwriter's script so that they can determine if you are the right voice for them.

3. Record

Record the pitch, synopsis, treatment, and script.

About Audio Scriptr

Audio Scriptr is a company dedicated to building breakthrough technology in the audio world. Our technologies combine the latest software and analytics with reading, writing, and sound.


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