About Us

Your single go-to source for audio generated content

Audio Scriptr was engineered by creatives who wanted to be excellent in the workplace while maintaining their spirit of adventure and enjoyment of life.

Our company’s vision is to see more professionals get ahead in their career while having more time after work and on the weekends.

We are a team of artists, producers, writers, designers, researchers, strategic thinkers and software engineers. Our technologies combine the latest in software with imagination to create a world where advancement and free time are just an app away.

The Audio Scriptr Family

Jono Newmarch
Chief Learning Officer
Nearly a decade in the education space
Tom McFaull
Full of life and brilliance
Shawn Fallon
Eight years in building products and managing teams
Darren Moorman
Movie Producer
A seasoned producer and the head of Reserve Entertainment
Kaitlin Thales
Content Strategy
Specializes in crafted content delivery
Regan Lawton
Software guru with experience building film and television technology
Christopher Bartlett
Ten years in product management and strategy
Matt John
Makes anything he touches beautiful
Max Sarasi
Pure Awesome
Strong, competent, and can do anything tech-related
Dr Jon Stanger PHD
Data Science
Spatial genius and AI specialist

What We Give you

Beautiful Artists

We facilitate beautifully composed audio versions of your professional documents.


Listen to what you need to while in traffic or on the go. You are no longer bound to a desk.

Your life back

We help you save time so that you can do the things you love in your off-hours.